Astro Charting & Soul Path Session

Astrology is not a Belief System, it is a language.  Once you learn the language of the Cosmos, not only does your Path become more clear, you'll also feel a comfort in understanding why your experiences growing up happened the way they did. Get to know your Chart so you can better understand yourself and support your ongoing journey. Charting for Children available as well.  Understanding your Child's Chart from an early age sets the stage of deeper support from their Parents and and an easier time discovering their unique path in life.

1 on 1 Coaching

Mindset is absolutely everything.  Our Brain is the most powerful mechanism in this physical reality. Do you find yourself watching other people living Fully, Happily, Successfully and wonder why they are so lucky? Luck isn't as likely as Alignment via a rocksteady mindset free of limiting beliefs.  Work with me to uncover any limiting programs and we will rewire your brain so you can live the life you are meant to.  All coaching includes Natal Charting and intuitive Guidance. 

Reiki - Energetics with Sound Healing

Although Reiki and energy healing has been around for Centuries, it carried a stigma for years as being "woo woo".  Energy is anything but. Understanding the energetics of the Hueman form is largely based in Science and Quantum Physics. Quite literally everything is made up of 'energy'. Particles and Atoms all vibrating at various frequencies. Words are Vibrations, Music, Emotions, even thoughts. Energy Healing in my practice always includes a safe container for  Emotional Guidance and release.  Energy that is stagnant or trapped within our physical vessel is a stored experience(s) and the stuck vibration of the emotional response connected to the experience. In order to have a magnetic Bio-Field which is what attracts everything into our reality, our system centres or Chakras must be clear and flowing.


Let your Crown Chakra be pampered in my Home Studio.  Casual, calming and flooded with Natural Light, my studio is waiting for your next hair transformation to match that Soul Glow Up. I use only top quality, Salon professional lines.  I offer most Salon services in Studio.

I am also a Market Partner with Monat - this product line has truly changed the home hair game.

Customized Makeup & Skincare Tutorials

My Philosophy for day to day Makeup is simplicity & enhancing the Beauty we already encompass.  Although there are special occasions that call for deeper adornment.  I am committed to Makeup and Skincare brands that are not only Clean & Safe for our vessels, but companies which are making a difference in our World. I am currently partnered with Beautycounter as a Senior Consultant. I am a forever client and absolutely LOVE this product line. You can shop here.